Personal Savings Account Product Features/Benefits
ACCOUNT NAME Personal Statement Savings Personal Passbook Savings Personal Money Market
Minimum Balance to Open $300 $300 $2,000
Minimum Balance to Avoid a Fee $500 $500 $2,000 Combined Balance
w/ Checking, SAV & CD
Monthly Balance Requirement Charge $5 $5 $20
Per Transaction Fee
if Minimum Balance not Met
0.25/per withdrawal 0.25/per withdrawal 0.25/per withdrawal
Charge Per Transaction
in Excess of Limits Defined
for Savings and MMDA in
"Regulation D"  (1)
$5 $5 $20
Interest Bearing  (2) compounded daily
and credited quarterly
compounded daily
and credited quarterly
compounded daily
and credited monthly
Maximum Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal $500 N/A $500
Internet Banking Service Yes Yes Yes
Internet Bill Payment Service N/A N/A $3 per month.
Free, if combined average
daily balance, w/ SAV,
Checking, CD > $2,000
Check Imaging Service No No Yes


  1. Please refer to our Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure for detail information
  2. Interest will be calculated by tier in full balance.
  3. For further information please contact our Customer Service Representative.